About Us

Married for 25 years, we have a 24-year- old daughter and a nine-year- old schnoodle named Kirby, whom we adopted from The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago. We relocated to Los Angeles in September 2016 after 40 years in the Windy City. Although new to the world of real estate, we have more than 45 years business experience, including 24 years running our own advertising company. We firmly believe our strong, ethical work habits— plus the invaluable support of Keller Williams — will serve our clients well. Our goal is to delight buyers and sellers in all of their real estate ventures. As film critics since 2002, beginning with small newspapers in the Chicago land
area, we have developed a following on the entertainment aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes. Our own website is www.kaplanvskaplan.com. Feel free to check out our latest reviews and recommendations. No stars or letter ratings:
our designations are — See It Now!, Wait for DVD or Don’t Bother!